I don’t remember what it was – but I do remember when it was – during the lead-up to the Wisconsin Republican primary.  The Fox News attacks on Donald J. Trump were getting more and more intense.  More desperate.  More ugly.

No longer restricted to commentators, then anchors, and now – clearly – the programming directors, the attacks were even being waged at the basic reporter level.  Stories were quite obviously being farmed out to gather marginal nothingburgers, in hopes that something – anything – might bring down Trump.

At some point, I decided – that was it.  Enough was enough.  It was time to stop paying for a propaganda product I now despised.

There IS a choice.  Many people posting on the conservative blogosphere have spoken very highly of the One America News Network – OANN.  The main offering – OAN (One America News) – is regarded by many as the best news channel out there.

Thus this post.  If you’re thinking about leaving Fox, here is one way to not only get away from the globo/RINO agitprop, but replace it with a high-quality news service, straight out of a time when America was America.


There are multiple ways to get OANN.  It is worth your time to visit their website at and look around a bit.  Not only are there normal TV providers who carry OAN in different states – there are several ways to get it over the internet.  I am only going to look at one of them.


On the OANN homepage, you will notice that there is a prominent graphic saying that OANN is now available on Apple TV.

Click it.

Two essential steps are described for getting OANN.  It’s actually a bit more complicated than that, but not by much.  Once you get a new, 4th-generation Apple TV unit, the rest is easy.



Sadly, if you have an older Apple TV, you won’t be able to use it to get OANN.  You need the new 4th-gen Apple TV, which is a bit taller (thicker) and comes in a larger black box.  The unit is still black, and looks almost identical to the older ones, but there are differences.

Several features are diagnostic for the proper new unit.  The remote is black on top and silver on the bottom.  The remote has a small trackpad at the forward end for your thumb, and a microphone button which allows the user to talk to Siri (the voice-activated A.I.) to help get things done.

Both the trackpad and Siri make the new Apple TV even easier to use than the previous units.  However, neither of these is why OANN is available on the new units and NOT on the old ones.

That reason is simple – the new Apple TV has an App Store.  The App Store allows developers – like the folks at OANN – to create apps, which are simply portals for their livestreams.  So to get OANN on the new Apple TV, you just download the OANN app from the App Store.

We’ll get to that in a minute, but first, let’s get you fully set up with your new Apple TV.

The new Apple TV comes in two sizes – 32 GB storage for $149, and 64 GB for $199.  The larger size is helpful if you have a big gamer in the house, or somebody who will download an enormous number of apps.  If that’s not the case, 32 GB should be fine.

The unit comes with a black power cord, the remote, and a USB-to-lightning adapter, which is used to recharge the remote.  The remote is charged when you get the unit, so you can use it right out of the box.  The Apple TV will also tell you when the remote needs charging.

One thing which is NOT included is a standard HDMI cable, which you need to connect the Apple TV to your television set.  Apple sells a nice, black HDMI cable that matches the Apple TV, but there are many such cables out there, so don’t hesitate to shop around.

You will need to hook your Apple TV to the internet.  It has a powerful wireless capability, or if you prefer, you can use an ethernet port on the back of the unit.

The Apple TV doesn’t require that you already be in the Apple world, or that you already have an Apple ID, which you need to order OANN.  If you don’t have an Apple ID, the Apple TV will help you set one up.  Your new ID and your Apple TV will be linked to a credit card.  However, don’t worry about giving them your card number – Apple has a very good security system for credit cards, and seems to generally take very good care of the information.

So – let’s assume that you follow directions, move around your Apple TV, and get used to it.  You get distracted by all the OTHER things you can view on your Apple TV.  But there is ONE MORE THING you must do to get the OANN app, so you can watch OAN.

The software on your Apple TV needs to be updated to version 9.1 or greater to download the OANN app.  So go to settings (see if Siri will help you), and find the item to update your software.  This may take 5 or 10 minutes, but it’s mostly just waiting patiently.  Hopefully by the time this post has been up for a while, the Apple TV unit will ship with software version 9.1 or greater, and this step won’t be needed.

That’s it.  We’re now ready to get OANN on your Apple TV.



First, go to the App Store on the Apple TV.  Do this by clicking on the little, blue, artistic “A” icon in the middle of the first row of buttons, beneath the list of hot titles that streams at the top of the screen.  Pick the “Search” tab at the top.  You can search on “OANN” to find the app, or try other things if that doesn’t work.  But don’t worry – it’s definitely there.

Once you’ve found the app, you will note that the app’s page has a “Get” button.  You can’t use the button unless you have an Apple ID, and it’s set up on the Apple TV.  This is why the Apple ID was mentioned earlier.  All your Apple ID is, is an email address (your most reliable and permanent one, IMO) and a password.  This ID is going to be your unique link to Apple for all of your devices, data, etc.

When you try to “get” the app, it will warn you if you need either an Apple ID or version 9.1 of the Apple TV software.  Barring those issues, it will ask you if you want to download the OANN app “for free”.

No – it’s not actually free.  This is referred to as an “in-app purchase”.  The app is free, but the service is a monthly subscription, carried out via Apple’s billing mechanism.  The price for OANN is $4.99 per month, plus tax.

You’re almost there.  Now that you’ve installed the OANN app, you have an icon for it on your main screen, near the top.  You can remember it’s there, and click on it when you want to watch, or you can just use Siri and tell her you want to watch OAN.  You can also move the button around until you find just the right place on the screen.

Once you pay, the service begins.  That’s it.  You are now watching OAN.



OAN is rather charming in the fact that, while appearing just a bit cheap, it’s so much superior in depth and breadth of content, compared to the Botox Babe Channels like Fox and CNN.

Which is not to say that OAN doesn’t have the ubiquitous good-looking anchors that viewers demand. It’s just that there seems to be some kind of difference between OAN anchors and MSM anchors.  I’ll leave it up to you to sense for yourself what that difference is.

I will say this.  One anchor reminds me of the great Lynne Russell, from back in the day.  And the reason that recognition was even more striking at the time, is that the PROGRAMMING seems like it’s from the same era.

There is an “objective” feel that you just can’t shake.  Some people think the channel is pro-Trump, but frankly, OAN treats ALL their subjects well.  Ted Cruz and Kasich both seemed to get a fair shake.  Conversely, not everything that is presented about Donald Trump is good, either.  It just seems like there’s no agenda.

Yes.  That’s it.  There’s no agenda.  Kinda like something… something that Sundance always says over on CTH.


PS – For those who don’t want to shell out $150 for an Apple TV, I recommend investigating something called YiP-TV.  This is an internet TV service with a free basic plan and a low-cost ($14.99 per month) full plan.  The free plan includes OAN, but I believe that it may still require the $4.99/month subscription – I just don’t know the answer to that.  I do know that this is a great option for those who speak Spanish – the full (“premium”) service includes many, many Spanish-language networks from all over the world.

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