Why I Don’t Use Facebook Any More

It’s not the same spyware that chased me off Facebook, but it’s fresher.  Read this for a nice description, including screenshots.  The description is actually near the end of the video, but it pays to listen to the whole thing, to understand WHY they served up spyware to the radio host in this video.  Total credibility on this one.

The software itself has a EULA that makes it all legal, a la Saddam Hussein.  The problem is, I seriously doubt that the presentation of this software to a duped user is being done by legal means.  And at a very minimum, it’s not going to be a great selling point for Facebook, if THEIR EULA includes letting them serve up third-party spyware that helps .gov get on your machine.

I used to use Facebook as a passkey for discussion sites, but no longer.  They’re just trouble.  And after they shilled for hoax bomber kid Clockmed, they’re not to be believed in anything they say.  Taqiyya is spreading into the PC world.  BEWARE. Continue reading