Watching the Watchers

How to Turn an Old PC into an MSM Minder

Remember Chris Mercer-Harper – or whatever his name actually was?  The shooter in Oregon who fed right into Obama’s gun control agenda, despite indications of jihadist and #BLM connections?  Remember his bizarrely contradictory, and then mysteriously vanishing social media?  Remember his “white” photo, which allegedly appeared on CNN, and then either disappeared or was never there?


The Curious Case of Chris Harper-Mercer


I do.  I remember how a previously reliable source gave  the community at The Conservative Treehouse that photo, but was then unable to give us a solid source for it.  And how this dubious photo was then used to attack the Treehouse.  I remember being mad as hell, and wanting to do something about it.

But what could we do?  If the picture was a forgery, we were set up.  If it was real, then the lying MSM hid its tracks.  Either way, there was nothing we could do at that point, because nobody could find the original television image.  I wanted to fight back, but could do nothing.

Later, I found another picture on CNN’s web edition – this time of Mercer-Harper’s mother.  While the effect was much more subtle, there was definitely some monkeying with pixels to lighten her skin tone.  It was enough to make me realize that WE, the Treehouse, are probably one picture away from burning the MSM, the next time they try something.

By that point, nobody wanted to think about it any more.  However I was not about to let WHOEVER was playing us, do it again.  I swore that I would do my part – one small part – to protect the Treehouse, Donald Trump, and patriots in general, from a lying media and their legion of cultural Marxist minions.

This is the fruit of that anger.  A simple way that ANY of us Treepers can help protect the Treehouse – and the Truth – from media lies and deception.

I am providing a simple set of directions that will allow any Treeper or other patriot with an old computer, cable TV, and $100 to $250 to burn, to set up a 24/7 monitor of the channel of their choice.  I’m covering CNN, but there is no reason we can’t, collectively, cover ALL the major networks.

Think of it as an untraceable donation to the Treehouse.  Perfect for the lurker who wants to help, but doesn’t want to post openly or expose themselves on PayPal.  Just keep tabs on a network, and when they lie about something the next time – BAM – one email to Sundance takes them down.

So here you go – how to create a media minder.

STEP 1:  Computer

You need an old Windows machine – desktop or laptop – with two USB ports.  This machine will be running 24/7, so it needs to be something that’s tough, reliable, and not too loud.  While the needed software will run with Windows 7, 8, or 8.1, I strongly recommend upgrading the old box/laptop to Windows 10 while that upgrade is free.  Windows 10 runs the TV software beautifully, with no annoying halts.

Feel free to wipe everything off the old computer (and I don’t mean Cankles-style, with a cloth) when you upgrade – there is no need for anything but the operating system and the TV software.  Any videos or screen captures you generate can be moved off using a USB stick, a CD, a DVD, or webmail.  In other words, you don’t even need to keep this computer connected to the internet, although that may make the mailing of images and videos easier.  And remember – if it’s not on the internet, it can’t be hacked.

STEP 2:  Cable TV

You will need a cable TV splitter – a little gizmo the size of your thumb – which has 3 connectors for coaxial cable on it.  You may actually have a splitter behind your TV already – particularly if you have a cable modem near the TV.  Just get another one.  You can get them at Radio Shack or the computer store – they are typically under five dollars.

You then need a couple of pieces of standard TV coaxial cable, of appropriate lengths, to allow you to insert the splitter, and then use the 2-connector side to pass two signals – one back to your TV/box/whatever, and the other to your new Mainstream Media Monitor.  This will weaken the signal to your TV, but not by enough to notice, most likely.  Get the appropriate lengths, and good quality coax cable if it has to be long.

STEP 3:  TV Tuner Device

Let’s keep this simple.  You can get dedicated TV tuner cards that go in the back of your computer, and fellow geeks are welcome to do this.  However, most of us just want to “git ‘er done”.  Even more importantly, your new MSM minder may be a laptop.  For these reasons, I recommend a USB device, such as the  WinTV-HVR 955Q by a company called Hauppage.  This little gizmo, about the size of a business card, is under $100, and includes all the software you need, other than Windows itself.

The device itself is not critical, so don’t worry if you can’t find this particular model.  What you want is something that runs on Windows, connects to cable, connects to USB, and has some software with it.  THAT’S IT.  You may actually find something that works better for your situation, than the model I recommended.

Please note that this device, plus a laptop and the small, wireless-size antenna that comes with it, lets you watch TV on your laptop while camping or traveling, so it’s actually quite useful on your days off, when you’re not busy keeping Marxist minions honest.

The device is terribly easy to connect.  The USB end plugs into the computer directly, or with the extender in the package.  The coaxial end connects to the coaxial cable running from the splitter.

Hook it all up, and you’re almost there.  One more piece of hardware, and one more piece of software.

STEP 4:  External Hard Drive (a.k.a. Megyn in a Box)

You need some place to accumulate recordings of your favorite lying network.  While you MAY have a large (over 1 Terabyte) disk on your media minder already, the chances are that you don’t.  Figure that every hour of media minons takes 1-5 Gigabytes of storage.  The default “better” setting on my software uses up about 3 GB per hour.  While you can use a smaller disk, because the software will recycle space, it is helpful to keep about a month of lying leftists on hand, just for the simple fact that their lies are not always immediately obvious.

Therefore, I recommend a cheaper 4 TB external storage drive, such as the WD Elements “Basic Storage” drive.  I’ve seen this model for only $130, and prices under $150 are common.

The hard drive is also simple.  Plug it in to the power, and plug the USB connector into the media minder.  There may be a CD with some software, or some software on the external drive that wants to run when you connect it.  That’s fine – run the program or CD, to load whatever utilities are needed.

You probably do NOT want to use this drive for any kind of backups, so say NO to any prompts which try to make this drive a backup disk, unless you knowingly want to sacrifice some disk space for that purpose.

STEP 5:  TV Software

This is the interesting part, and the part where you will have fun exploring.  YES!  You are now going to be able to capture TV as computer files – both video and still images!

Your TV tuner device should have come with some software like WinTV – probably on a CD.  Install it, update it, and play around with it.  You will notice that your TV tuner device has LEDs which tell you when it’s working.  Get used to those – that is how you tell that you’re recording, when your monitor has gone black to save power.

You should play around with the software for at least a day, to find settings which work nicely.   JUST PLAY WITH IT.  Most settings are not dangerous, but some will make the image more stable, less jerky, or less likely to freeze up.

Once you’re comfortable with the software, you can begin playing with the SCHEDULER.  This is how you tell the program what to record, and how to record it.  The scheduler that comes with WinTV allows you to record segment lengths of 1 hour maximum, but you can repeat the recording every hour, every day, ad infinitum.  Therefore, you can set up 24 1-hour recordings on a single channel, such as lying CNN, fauxservative Fox, or maniacal MSNBC, and basically record them 24/7.  Name the hourly schedules in a 24-hour sequence, and they’re extremely easy to organize.

The scheduler is a great way to learn about SERVERS, because in a way, that’s what you just created.  You will note that, even after you log out, the scheduler will still record, (as long as the computer is on).  Nobody has to be logged in as a user – it just keeps recording.  THAT is typical server behavior – where processes are running usefully, even when no human is, technically, “on” the machine.

STEP 6:  Your Mission

So there you have it.  You are now monitoring the media.  That is your mission.  Just let the machine run, make sure that it keeps recording, and restart the computer when needed.  The scheduler software should re-start the recordings after reboots, updates, etc.  If not, play with things to get the recordings to start and run reliably.  I have found that Windows 10 does an excellent job of keeping the system stable and running smoothly.

Hopefully we will never need the information on it – but if we do…..

POW!   Right in the kisser.

Don’t worry.  After Donald Trump is elected, thanks to you, you can take your TV tuner camping, and you can use the external hard disk for backups, or cat pictures.  Or you can save it for MORE combat missions against media lies, because we know one thing for sure….

Lying proggies and their media minions may scurry under the rocks when TRUMP gets elected, but they’ll be back out again, causing trouble, before his 8 years are up.  Count on it.


3 thoughts on “Watching the Watchers

  1. Hi, TC! Maybe you can help me. I’ve been attempting to post on TCH, but can’t. I got so fed up I even upgraded to Windows 10 on the possibility there was a problem w/my other OS. I can’t even “like” a post, which I used to do regularly. Can you tell me whether I have been banned for some reason?
    I don’t have a problem with other websites I visit. TU, if you can help!


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