I don’t remember what it was – but I do remember when it was – during the lead-up to the Wisconsin Republican primary.  The Fox News attacks on Donald J. Trump were getting more and more intense.  More desperate.  More ugly.

No longer restricted to commentators, then anchors, and now – clearly – the programming directors, the attacks were even being waged at the basic reporter level.  Stories were quite obviously being farmed out to gather marginal nothingburgers, in hopes that something – anything – might bring down Trump.

At some point, I decided – that was it.  Enough was enough.  It was time to stop paying for a propaganda product I now despised.

There IS a choice.  Many people posting on the conservative blogosphere have spoken very highly of the One America News Network – OANN.  The main offering – OAN (One America News) – is regarded by many as the best news channel out there.

Thus this post.  If you’re thinking about leaving Fox, here is one way to not only get away from the globo/RINO agitprop, but replace it with a high-quality news service, straight out of a time when America was America.


There are multiple ways to get OANN.  It is worth your time to visit their website at and look around a bit.  Not only are there normal TV providers who carry OAN in different states – there are several ways to get it over the internet.  I am only going to look at one of them.


On the OANN homepage, you will notice that there is a prominent graphic saying that OANN is now available on Apple TV.

Click it.

Two essential steps are described for getting OANN.  It’s actually a bit more complicated than that, but not by much.  Once you get a new, 4th-generation Apple TV unit, the rest is easy.



Sadly, if you have an older Apple TV, you won’t be able to use it to get OANN.  You need the new 4th-gen Apple TV, which is a bit taller (thicker) and comes in a larger black box.  The unit is still black, and looks almost identical to the older ones, but there are differences.

Several features are diagnostic for the proper new unit.  The remote is black on top and silver on the bottom.  The remote has a small trackpad at the forward end for your thumb, and a microphone button which allows the user to talk to Siri (the voice-activated A.I.) to help get things done.

Both the trackpad and Siri make the new Apple TV even easier to use than the previous units.  However, neither of these is why OANN is available on the new units and NOT on the old ones.

That reason is simple – the new Apple TV has an App Store.  The App Store allows developers – like the folks at OANN – to create apps, which are simply portals for their livestreams.  So to get OANN on the new Apple TV, you just download the OANN app from the App Store.

We’ll get to that in a minute, but first, let’s get you fully set up with your new Apple TV.

The new Apple TV comes in two sizes – 32 GB storage for $149, and 64 GB for $199.  The larger size is helpful if you have a big gamer in the house, or somebody who will download an enormous number of apps.  If that’s not the case, 32 GB should be fine.

The unit comes with a black power cord, the remote, and a USB-to-lightning adapter, which is used to recharge the remote.  The remote is charged when you get the unit, so you can use it right out of the box.  The Apple TV will also tell you when the remote needs charging.

One thing which is NOT included is a standard HDMI cable, which you need to connect the Apple TV to your television set.  Apple sells a nice, black HDMI cable that matches the Apple TV, but there are many such cables out there, so don’t hesitate to shop around.

You will need to hook your Apple TV to the internet.  It has a powerful wireless capability, or if you prefer, you can use an ethernet port on the back of the unit.

The Apple TV doesn’t require that you already be in the Apple world, or that you already have an Apple ID, which you need to order OANN.  If you don’t have an Apple ID, the Apple TV will help you set one up.  Your new ID and your Apple TV will be linked to a credit card.  However, don’t worry about giving them your card number – Apple has a very good security system for credit cards, and seems to generally take very good care of the information.

So – let’s assume that you follow directions, move around your Apple TV, and get used to it.  You get distracted by all the OTHER things you can view on your Apple TV.  But there is ONE MORE THING you must do to get the OANN app, so you can watch OAN.

The software on your Apple TV needs to be updated to version 9.1 or greater to download the OANN app.  So go to settings (see if Siri will help you), and find the item to update your software.  This may take 5 or 10 minutes, but it’s mostly just waiting patiently.  Hopefully by the time this post has been up for a while, the Apple TV unit will ship with software version 9.1 or greater, and this step won’t be needed.

That’s it.  We’re now ready to get OANN on your Apple TV.



First, go to the App Store on the Apple TV.  Do this by clicking on the little, blue, artistic “A” icon in the middle of the first row of buttons, beneath the list of hot titles that streams at the top of the screen.  Pick the “Search” tab at the top.  You can search on “OANN” to find the app, or try other things if that doesn’t work.  But don’t worry – it’s definitely there.

Once you’ve found the app, you will note that the app’s page has a “Get” button.  You can’t use the button unless you have an Apple ID, and it’s set up on the Apple TV.  This is why the Apple ID was mentioned earlier.  All your Apple ID is, is an email address (your most reliable and permanent one, IMO) and a password.  This ID is going to be your unique link to Apple for all of your devices, data, etc.

When you try to “get” the app, it will warn you if you need either an Apple ID or version 9.1 of the Apple TV software.  Barring those issues, it will ask you if you want to download the OANN app “for free”.

No – it’s not actually free.  This is referred to as an “in-app purchase”.  The app is free, but the service is a monthly subscription, carried out via Apple’s billing mechanism.  The price for OANN is $4.99 per month, plus tax.

You’re almost there.  Now that you’ve installed the OANN app, you have an icon for it on your main screen, near the top.  You can remember it’s there, and click on it when you want to watch, or you can just use Siri and tell her you want to watch OAN.  You can also move the button around until you find just the right place on the screen.

Once you pay, the service begins.  That’s it.  You are now watching OAN.



OAN is rather charming in the fact that, while appearing just a bit cheap, it’s so much superior in depth and breadth of content, compared to the Botox Babe Channels like Fox and CNN.

Which is not to say that OAN doesn’t have the ubiquitous good-looking anchors that viewers demand. It’s just that there seems to be some kind of difference between OAN anchors and MSM anchors.  I’ll leave it up to you to sense for yourself what that difference is.

I will say this.  One anchor reminds me of the great Lynne Russell, from back in the day.  And the reason that recognition was even more striking at the time, is that the PROGRAMMING seems like it’s from the same era.

There is an “objective” feel that you just can’t shake.  Some people think the channel is pro-Trump, but frankly, OAN treats ALL their subjects well.  Ted Cruz and Kasich both seemed to get a fair shake.  Conversely, not everything that is presented about Donald Trump is good, either.  It just seems like there’s no agenda.

Yes.  That’s it.  There’s no agenda.  Kinda like something… something that Sundance always says over on CTH.


PS – For those who don’t want to shell out $150 for an Apple TV, I recommend investigating something called YiP-TV.  This is an internet TV service with a free basic plan and a low-cost ($14.99 per month) full plan.  The free plan includes OAN, but I believe that it may still require the $4.99/month subscription – I just don’t know the answer to that.  I do know that this is a great option for those who speak Spanish – the full (“premium”) service includes many, many Spanish-language networks from all over the world.

For more information:


Why I Don’t Use Facebook Any More

It’s not the same spyware that chased me off Facebook, but it’s fresher.  Read this for a nice description, including screenshots.  The description is actually near the end of the video, but it pays to listen to the whole thing, to understand WHY they served up spyware to the radio host in this video.  Total credibility on this one.

The software itself has a EULA that makes it all legal, a la Saddam Hussein.  The problem is, I seriously doubt that the presentation of this software to a duped user is being done by legal means.  And at a very minimum, it’s not going to be a great selling point for Facebook, if THEIR EULA includes letting them serve up third-party spyware that helps .gov get on your machine.

I used to use Facebook as a passkey for discussion sites, but no longer.  They’re just trouble.  And after they shilled for hoax bomber kid Clockmed, they’re not to be believed in anything they say.  Taqiyya is spreading into the PC world.  BEWARE. Continue reading


Watching the Watchers

How to Turn an Old PC into an MSM Minder

Remember Chris Mercer-Harper – or whatever his name actually was?  The shooter in Oregon who fed right into Obama’s gun control agenda, despite indications of jihadist and #BLM connections?  Remember his bizarrely contradictory, and then mysteriously vanishing social media?  Remember his “white” photo, which allegedly appeared on CNN, and then either disappeared or was never there?


The Curious Case of Chris Harper-Mercer


I do.  I remember how a previously reliable source gave  the community at The Conservative Treehouse that photo, but was then unable to give us a solid source for it.  And how this dubious photo was then used to attack the Treehouse.  I remember being mad as hell, and wanting to do something about it.

But what could we do?  If the picture was a forgery, we were set up.  If it was real, then the lying MSM hid its tracks.  Either way, there was nothing we could do at that point, because nobody could find the original television image.  I wanted to fight back, but could do nothing.

Later, I found another picture on CNN’s web edition – this time of Mercer-Harper’s mother.  While the effect was much more subtle, there was definitely some monkeying with pixels to lighten her skin tone.  It was enough to make me realize that WE, the Treehouse, are probably one picture away from burning the MSM, the next time they try something.

By that point, nobody wanted to think about it any more.  However I was not about to let WHOEVER was playing us, do it again.  I swore that I would do my part – one small part – to protect the Treehouse, Donald Trump, and patriots in general, from a lying media and their legion of cultural Marxist minions.

This is the fruit of that anger.  A simple way that ANY of us Treepers can help protect the Treehouse – and the Truth – from media lies and deception.

I am providing a simple set of directions that will allow any Treeper or other patriot with an old computer, cable TV, and $100 to $250 to burn, to set up a 24/7 monitor of the channel of their choice.  I’m covering CNN, but there is no reason we can’t, collectively, cover ALL the major networks.

Think of it as an untraceable donation to the Treehouse.  Perfect for the lurker who wants to help, but doesn’t want to post openly or expose themselves on PayPal.  Just keep tabs on a network, and when they lie about something the next time – BAM – one email to Sundance takes them down.

So here you go – how to create a media minder.

STEP 1:  Computer

You need an old Windows machine – desktop or laptop – with two USB ports.  This machine will be running 24/7, so it needs to be something that’s tough, reliable, and not too loud.  While the needed software will run with Windows 7, 8, or 8.1, I strongly recommend upgrading the old box/laptop to Windows 10 while that upgrade is free.  Windows 10 runs the TV software beautifully, with no annoying halts.

Feel free to wipe everything off the old computer (and I don’t mean Cankles-style, with a cloth) when you upgrade – there is no need for anything but the operating system and the TV software.  Any videos or screen captures you generate can be moved off using a USB stick, a CD, a DVD, or webmail.  In other words, you don’t even need to keep this computer connected to the internet, although that may make the mailing of images and videos easier.  And remember – if it’s not on the internet, it can’t be hacked.

STEP 2:  Cable TV

You will need a cable TV splitter – a little gizmo the size of your thumb – which has 3 connectors for coaxial cable on it.  You may actually have a splitter behind your TV already – particularly if you have a cable modem near the TV.  Just get another one.  You can get them at Radio Shack or the computer store – they are typically under five dollars.

You then need a couple of pieces of standard TV coaxial cable, of appropriate lengths, to allow you to insert the splitter, and then use the 2-connector side to pass two signals – one back to your TV/box/whatever, and the other to your new Mainstream Media Monitor.  This will weaken the signal to your TV, but not by enough to notice, most likely.  Get the appropriate lengths, and good quality coax cable if it has to be long.

STEP 3:  TV Tuner Device

Let’s keep this simple.  You can get dedicated TV tuner cards that go in the back of your computer, and fellow geeks are welcome to do this.  However, most of us just want to “git ‘er done”.  Even more importantly, your new MSM minder may be a laptop.  For these reasons, I recommend a USB device, such as the  WinTV-HVR 955Q by a company called Hauppage.  This little gizmo, about the size of a business card, is under $100, and includes all the software you need, other than Windows itself.

The device itself is not critical, so don’t worry if you can’t find this particular model.  What you want is something that runs on Windows, connects to cable, connects to USB, and has some software with it.  THAT’S IT.  You may actually find something that works better for your situation, than the model I recommended.

Please note that this device, plus a laptop and the small, wireless-size antenna that comes with it, lets you watch TV on your laptop while camping or traveling, so it’s actually quite useful on your days off, when you’re not busy keeping Marxist minions honest.

The device is terribly easy to connect.  The USB end plugs into the computer directly, or with the extender in the package.  The coaxial end connects to the coaxial cable running from the splitter.

Hook it all up, and you’re almost there.  One more piece of hardware, and one more piece of software.

STEP 4:  External Hard Drive (a.k.a. Megyn in a Box)

You need some place to accumulate recordings of your favorite lying network.  While you MAY have a large (over 1 Terabyte) disk on your media minder already, the chances are that you don’t.  Figure that every hour of media minons takes 1-5 Gigabytes of storage.  The default “better” setting on my software uses up about 3 GB per hour.  While you can use a smaller disk, because the software will recycle space, it is helpful to keep about a month of lying leftists on hand, just for the simple fact that their lies are not always immediately obvious.

Therefore, I recommend a cheaper 4 TB external storage drive, such as the WD Elements “Basic Storage” drive.  I’ve seen this model for only $130, and prices under $150 are common.

The hard drive is also simple.  Plug it in to the power, and plug the USB connector into the media minder.  There may be a CD with some software, or some software on the external drive that wants to run when you connect it.  That’s fine – run the program or CD, to load whatever utilities are needed.

You probably do NOT want to use this drive for any kind of backups, so say NO to any prompts which try to make this drive a backup disk, unless you knowingly want to sacrifice some disk space for that purpose.

STEP 5:  TV Software

This is the interesting part, and the part where you will have fun exploring.  YES!  You are now going to be able to capture TV as computer files – both video and still images!

Your TV tuner device should have come with some software like WinTV – probably on a CD.  Install it, update it, and play around with it.  You will notice that your TV tuner device has LEDs which tell you when it’s working.  Get used to those – that is how you tell that you’re recording, when your monitor has gone black to save power.

You should play around with the software for at least a day, to find settings which work nicely.   JUST PLAY WITH IT.  Most settings are not dangerous, but some will make the image more stable, less jerky, or less likely to freeze up.

Once you’re comfortable with the software, you can begin playing with the SCHEDULER.  This is how you tell the program what to record, and how to record it.  The scheduler that comes with WinTV allows you to record segment lengths of 1 hour maximum, but you can repeat the recording every hour, every day, ad infinitum.  Therefore, you can set up 24 1-hour recordings on a single channel, such as lying CNN, fauxservative Fox, or maniacal MSNBC, and basically record them 24/7.  Name the hourly schedules in a 24-hour sequence, and they’re extremely easy to organize.

The scheduler is a great way to learn about SERVERS, because in a way, that’s what you just created.  You will note that, even after you log out, the scheduler will still record, (as long as the computer is on).  Nobody has to be logged in as a user – it just keeps recording.  THAT is typical server behavior – where processes are running usefully, even when no human is, technically, “on” the machine.

STEP 6:  Your Mission

So there you have it.  You are now monitoring the media.  That is your mission.  Just let the machine run, make sure that it keeps recording, and restart the computer when needed.  The scheduler software should re-start the recordings after reboots, updates, etc.  If not, play with things to get the recordings to start and run reliably.  I have found that Windows 10 does an excellent job of keeping the system stable and running smoothly.

Hopefully we will never need the information on it – but if we do…..

POW!   Right in the kisser.

Don’t worry.  After Donald Trump is elected, thanks to you, you can take your TV tuner camping, and you can use the external hard disk for backups, or cat pictures.  Or you can save it for MORE combat missions against media lies, because we know one thing for sure….

Lying proggies and their media minions may scurry under the rocks when TRUMP gets elected, but they’ll be back out again, causing trouble, before his 8 years are up.  Count on it.


Trolling for Truth

First, the code:

tyrannocankles on November 15, 2015 at 6:42 am

Signing off with a troll report. Activity up on all boards. RS getting hit hard. Jeb and Clinton money is clearly hitting the first cubes in the boiler rooms. GP is getting hit with cyber – have not seen that in a while, but they’re always vulnerable, it seems. Alex Jones is still resisting the Disqus downvote cannon – and significant redution in tinfoil distraction types. Troll types overall include all the old MM species, but a LOT of deep penetration influencers. Beware of “flippers” trying to kill main points on follow-up – not sure who they’re working for, but they seem fresh.

Carry on Treepers. Third shift over, signing off! TRUMP 2016, Vulgarians Always! 🙂

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This resulted in a likely “message received” by intended parties.  However, not all…



shelleybear66 on November 15, 2015 at 7:11 am

Good morning tyrannocankles! Thanks for posting this. Please forgive my ignorance, but can you explain what a few things mean? I honestly don’t understand what first cubes are, or what getting hit with cyber means, or old MM species, etc.
Thank you if you can explain! I just want to “be up to speed” on what all of this means so that I can be aware of trickery, manipulation, etc.
We not all “computer wizards” on here! 🙂 Thanks again! Have a Blessed Sunday!

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Therefore, we now provide a plaintext.


Trolling for Truth


OK – where do I begin? Perhaps with a confession.

I am a troll.

Don’t laugh. You’re a troll, too, if you’re reading this.  The only question is who you’re working for.  Because, ultimately, you’re working for somebody.

OK – I’ll admit that I’ve gone from the obscure to the philosophical. Maybe we should try this again. From the top.

What I’m going to do is mix up the technical and the philosophical, because if you don’t consider both, you really won’t understand.

The outline is simple. I’m going to analyze my own post, one sentence at a time. I will not only explain what it means – I’ll give you all the fascinating details, and the poignant memories that come to mind as I do.

Here we go.

Signing off with a troll report.

Before I realized I was a troll, I fancied myself a troll hunter. Fresh into the world of internet political commentary, a.k.a. the comments section – the last bastion of conservative expression allowed in Obamamerica – I came to the internet regarding myself as some kind of pure commenter, free of the plastic smell of astroturf. If you’re not familiar with the term “astroturfing”, it is a play on the idea of “grassroots”. Grass roots are “real people” – people like the one I considered myself to be. A “real” political opinion – not somebody being paid to say things on the internet.


Um – yeah. And it’s called “astroturfing”, because it’s fake grass. I’ve actually known people who did this, and were later in some degree of moral pain about it. There are plenty of interesting confesions by and interviews of people who have done this sort of work – I suggest googling “confessions troll astroturf”.

In any case, people don’t merely do simple kinds of astroturfing – like saying “Jumbotronic Propane Barbeque Grills are the best in the world!”, when they never used one in their life, or even if they did use one, saying so under some kind of ghastly renumeration. No. Astroturfing takes other forms. And perhaps the most hated – the most malignant – is trolling.

Trolling is more subtle, more negative, and more directed – a way to not merely put information on the internet, but to specifically interact with people in ways that are designed to change them, or other people watching. Some people just troll for the heck of it – to get a rise out of other people. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about trolling for politics. And if somebody is paying you to troll, they are paying for you to troll in certain ways, that will influence specific people in specific ways.

I was rather shocked – SHOCKED, I SAY – when I first got onto comment boards. Some of the language – the confrontations – the uncouched opinions and uncontrolled language – scared me. This was far from a “safe space” – at least for special snowflakes like me, who had never posted on anything but nicey-nice boards, where arguing was a no-no.

However, what was even more shocking were the trolls. Looking for a place to land on the internet, I discovered a “nicey-nice” conservative board, where the people basically acted like they do on the more nicey-nice parts of Facebook, but without the choking clouds of liberal bias. Joining such a site in its “beta” stage, the closest thing to trolls were “party people” – admitted workers for political groups who simply wanted to interact with other conservatives. They were not grass roots, but they were happy, pleasant, and honest about their affiliations. Frankly, it was a joy.

But it didn’t last long. As soon as the doors opened and the site went live, we were filled with nasty liberals – or at least people who acted like nasty liberals – and who tried to be disagreeable with everybody. As soon as they were banned, new ones appeared. And thus I was introduced to trolls – even if only in their most easily recognized forms.

As time went by, I began to recognize different types of trolls. Many would use different tactics to disrupt. Others were simply suspicious characters. All of them were either disruptive, deceptive, or otherwise damaging to the site, or to the people therein.

A few of my compatriots, for whom I still hold great fondness and respect, seemed to have special knowledge of the trolls. In asking them questions, I was introduced to their hobby, mission, or special calling. They were troll hunters. They took it upon themselves to investigate the trolls – to become familiar with them – to identify them – to track them down and chase them away, neutralizing them by various means.

AH! Knights of the blogosphere! I quickly became their page, helping them in any way that I could to make the connections and observations that would outwit and chase away the trolls who tarnished our blessed site.

One of our methods of communication was the “troll report”. We would simply post every bit of intelligence that could safely be dumped out in public. Sometimes things might be a bit cryptic, so most people wouldn’t understand. However, if something was too important, scandalous, or otherwise not ready for public consumption, we could always go to private messages.

SO – we finally arrive at the explanation of the first sentence. A troll report – for old times’ sake.

Activity up on all boards.

Trolls were beyond prolific, back in 2013. Obama’s push for gun control may have been one of the most highly coordinated psychological operations in history. On some days, and on some threads, trolls easily outnumbered conservative posters, even with the ban hammer playing whack-a-mole with the trolls.

However, as the Obama administration became more obviously radical, and their various subterfuges during 2008-2012 became more apparent, something happened. People realized that – far from being a saintly liberal administration on a quest for greater good – the Obama REGIME was one of the sneakiest Marxist groups to ever ascend into power anywhere in the world. If they were given an inch, they would take two miles when you weren’t looking.

As more and more scandals broke, the trolls began to dissipate. It was clear that the Obama scandals were taking a huge toll on the will and enthusiasm of their online astroturfers. And not just that. Their money was drying up. THAT is most likely the real story.

After the 2014 election, things got really quiet. Trolls would appear and disappear, but there were almost never any large attacks.

Things have been relatively quiet for a long time. But the Trump phenomenon changed all that. Slowly, trolls are coming back. It’s clear that this is going to be a noisy election. And as I’m seeing trolls now on all major conservative sites, so as I stated – activity up on all boards.

RS getting hit hard.

RS means Right Scoop – although to many it means Red State, and TRS means The Right Scoop. Many of you visit there, and but if you’re posting on CTH now, you’re probably a Trump fan, and feel a bit unwelcome on Right Scoop, which is PRIME Ted Cruz territory. Since I love both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, I have no problem visiting Right Scoop. Sadly, they don’t feel the same euphoria that the Trump people on CTH are feeling, and many Trump people feel unwelcome now. As Trump posters have left, trolls have moved in, preying like vultures on the dispirited Cruz fans of Right Scoop. And thus my statement. They are getting hit hard. On many threads, there are three trolls now, tag-teaming to beat down the locals. Quite sad.

Jeb and Clinton money is clearly hitting the first cubes in the boiler rooms.

I will admit that this is a bit of a dig at astroturfers, although it is entirely true.

Many trolls work out of their homes, laptops, or wherever. They may never even meet their employers in person. Others are highly skilled netizens who are almost hackers, and operate in an aura of mystery. Still others are working out of rented office space, or from the facilities of known “media” companies, like Media Matters. And still others are actually working for the government – presumably from government offices somewhere. The reasons we know this are (1) Snowden, and (2) government receipts for the same software used by astroturfers to manage multiple avatars.

We know that Russian trolls work out of actual “boiler rooms” – the term for pop-up office space used by quick-response operations, such as phone banks and call centers. Russian trolls are not allowed to work outside their provided office space – presumably to keep a lid on things. And, presumably, American operations are similar. Hence the jab about cubicles and boiler rooms. One of the ways to fight trolls, and specifically to demoralize them, is to strip them of their grassroots pretense – to point out that they’re sitting in a cubicle following orders – and more than likely following a script.

There are days when I don’t feel very Christian for making trolls feel bad about their job. But then there are days when I call for fire and brimstone to rain down on their operations, setting the hair of that platinum canary, David Brock, on fire.

David Brock is the head of Media Matters. He’s a guy who was once a hatchet man on the right, who then became a hatchet man on the left – and specifically, a hatchet man for Hillary. I sometimes speculate about his conversion, but in the end it doesn’t matter why it happened. It just did.

It is believed that most of the liberal trolls on conservative sites are his doing. It is known that he begged for, and just got, a huge infusion of cash from Hillary. Thus, do the math. It is also known that Jeb has a warchest he is holding onto, and that he will have Karl “Tokyo” Rove backing him. Again, do the math. We expect a LOT of Hillary and Jeb trolls. And thus the statement above.

GP is getting hit with cyber – have not seen that in a while, but they’re always vulnerable, it seems.

GP is Gateway Pundit – a site very much like CTH, in that it specializes in outing regime media lies. Located in St. Louis, it had a ring-side seat to Ferguson, and did excellent reporting.

Gateway Pundit, however, has always been decidedly low-tech. They are a Disqus site, but it just doesn’t seem as clean as some analogous sites. They have numerous outages, and the timing of the outages is always extremely suspicious – just like the last one, when they were the lead story on Drudge. Drudge had to switch over to InfoWars to pick up the story – an interesting fail-over strategy. The bottom line is that I suspect these are not coincidences, and not purely due to high demand.

Weasel Zippers has been hit by the same sort of thing – they ended up implementing a kind of server tool that makes site requests too expensive for internet attackers, but real users can get in with a short wait. I have not seen it in use in a while, but I suspect we’ll see it in action in 2016.

Alex Jones is still resisting the Disqus downvote cannon – and significant redution (sic) in tinfoil distraction types.

This is the money. I’ve mentioned this before, to the certain chagrin of .gov social engineers, so it bears repeating.

There is a beautiful idea that if you fake something perfectly, the fake is no longer a fake. More interestingly, if you only fake the surface perfectly, and the interior is kept perfectly secret, then the thing still becomes the reality – at least for the world which cannot access the interior.

The trouble is, you can’t fake things perfectly in this universe. The truth always gets out. And the truth is, Disqus is no longer secure against tampering to manipulate things.

You can demonstrate this to yourself by posting on Infowars, and then posting almost anywhere else that uses Disqus. Do enough posts of enough different types that you can compare what happens. You will always get WAY more upvotes on Infowars, for the same sorts of posts. This will be true despite the type of thread, the number of replies, and quite a few other things.

Why is it happening? It’s not because some sites allow lurkers to vote and others don’t – the original comparison was between sites with similar policies. Interestingly, there are times when the latency (slowness) of the internet can reveal how things happen. When the number of upvotes people would get on other boards began to change (because the change was noticeable), I was fortunate enough to observe votes being added, and then removed, in rapid succession. Hence my name for it – the “downvote cannon”. Whether it’s a configuration setting purposely introduced into Disqus to allow “moderation” of votes, or a hack that allows third parties with net savvy to manipulate vote totals, or even some normalizing “feature”, it’s the same thing. We do not see the truth on some sites.

I’m not sure how it’s done yet, or who is doing it. But our opinions ARE being moderated/manipulated on the web. DO NOT trust the technology of upvotes. It can be manipulated, to give you false feedback.

As for the “tinfoil distraction types” – that is a kind of troll that one sees all over InfoWars. They post wild ideas unrelated to the thread, typical of true “tinfoil hat” posters, but there are subtle ways you can tell they are trolls, and not authentic schizophrenics. They are usually paired with psychological accusation trolls, who pick out and pursue n00bs (new posters) who look like they’re starting to believe things. They may even drive people away from credible and true theories (stingray device, data interception, etc.), and allow them to glom onto reputation-discrediting theories (THE JOOZ DID IT!)

I had a field day going after psychological accusation trolls after Snowden dumped his stuff. I despise these guys relentlessly, and I hope that some of them blow whistles on their superiors very hard after Obama is kicked out of the White House by whatever means are necessary.

Troll types overall include all the old MM species, but a LOT of deep penetration influencers.

You’ll have to bear with me on this one. Here is where I’m a bit more forgiving.

Most of the common troll types have been linked by troll-hunters over the years, back to Media Matters. I can’t say for sure that these people were actually working for them, or located at Media Matters, but the consensus of troll-hunters and troll-stalkers on the web, is that they are/were working for Media Matters.

The bottom line is that most of the old types are the same as the ones we’re seeing now. There are a few more “nice” trolls than there used to be, but for the most part, the basic lineup is the same.

The big change is that people are going for long and subtle. In fact, so much so, that the signal of the trolled message is getting lost in the personality of the “troll”. Indeed, many trolls become almost indistinguishable from normal people.

On the old board, some of these subtle trolls were very, very dangerous. For example, one of them was either a neo-Nazi, or somebody pretending to be a neo-Nazi for discrediting purposes. But you would NOT have known that, without really digging in and sniffing around. He would post things that seemed innocent and very easily agreeable to naive posters, but hidden in the messages were direct links to old Nazi meanings and modern neo-Nazi movements. He would try to gently ramp it up, to get “buy-in” on his posts.

Personally, I thought it was either a bad .gov sting operation, or something out of the Obama camp to discredit the site, but it was evil.

But on the other hand, there are many subtle trolls I have detected, who are really just highly skilled political operatives. Sure, they are trying to influence people – but then, SO AM I.

I started posting on politics because I thought things were going to hell in a handbasket under Obama, as they had (morally) under Bill Clinton. I was taking Ben Carson’s advice before he gave it – start paying attention, start getting involved, and stop depending on politicians to run politics.

Ben Carson is right. We, the grass roots, have to get active. Even if being active turns us into astroturfers.

THAT is the point where one should, in my opinion, realize that we’re ALL trolls.

Let me state that another way.

Many posters on CTH have jumped on the Trump bandwagon. They want to be active and support him. So what, technically, is the difference between somebody who wasn’t for Trump, but became a huge booster and internet Trump advocate recently, and somebody who “worked” for Trump before they came to CTH?

Sure, we might quibble about getting a paycheck as a definer, but let me put it this way. I have to work. I can’t afford to stump for my “second-choice” candidate, Ted Cruz, so I send money to his camp. If Ted takes donations from ten working stiffs who love him and gladly donate money, and uses it to pay for ten of his people to be active on the internet, however the expenses work out, is that any different from the ten working stiffs doing it themselves? Not to this working stiff.

What if it’s Jeb? What if he takes money from a PAC that got money from smaller conservative organizations that have a bunch of establishment types who are OK with Jeb? Is representative trolling actually trolling? Or is it representative advocacy?

See where I’m going?

So what’s my story? Hey – I’m shilling for a bunch of dead guys. Washington, Jefferson, Patrick Henry, John Adams, and even that Bill Clinton of the Founders, Alex Hamilton. Nobody trolls for the Founders like me. You might argue that they don’t pay me, but I’d argue back that money is the poor coin of the spirit world, and that Washington did all kinds of influence peddling with his cherry tree stunt – a psy-op across the ages. When these guys died, they bought loyalty that makes Roger Stone’s bond to Trump look like a bungi-cord.

And it’s not just me. Some of my best “friends” on the discussion boards are political operatives, a.k.a. trolls. I remember my first Palin operative. She (I think) was kinda pathetic in her inability to look anything but pathetically scripted, and thus came across as incredibly obvious. But I have to admit, I always had a soft spot for her. Another time, a couple of psy-op trolls (probably .gov) went after a very earnest beginner Palin troll. Frankly, I was about as enraged as I’ve ever been on the internet. It was like pulling some girl’s pigtails. I don’t remember what I said, but I’m still not taking it back.

Troll? Troll-hunter? Troll-defender? I’m not sure there’s any difference any more.

Well, maybe there is a little.

Beware of “flippers” trying to kill main points on follow-up – not sure who they’re working for, but they seem fresh.

Some trolls are just plain mysterious. I’ve had some trolls act like they’re trying to bail me out of things – like they’re trying to keep me from going off into the weeds. The idea of having “minders” on the net is a bit disturbing, but as I’ve said, this universe has strange properties. Sometimes you just have to accept good but creepy things, until the creepy stops being creepy.

As for the recent type – “flippers” – they’re an interesting phenomenon, and fairly new. They will seemingly misunderstand your post, and thereby try to deflect the meaning, often completely askew, and sometimes reverse it 180 degrees. If accompanied by profuse stroking and compliments, it can seem rather ugly to contradict them, but contradict them we must.

And that’s the bottom line. We may troll, but as long as we troll for truth, I think we’re gonna be OK.

Carry on Treepers. Third shift over, signing off! TRUMP 2016, Vulgarians Always! 🙂

So there you have it. One post, over-explained. I hope you enjoyed this journey into understanding your fellow trolls.

Just remember this – we may all be fighting, but we’re all fighting for the same thing – making the world a better place. We just have vastly different ideas of how to do it. Take a small bit of solace in that.:-)



This is only a test.  However, it will soon be followed by my first real post.

One might be wondering why this will be my first post (on this blog).

The fact is, I’ve never really had anything that took more than a long post at to say.

However, as the 2016 election approaches, it will be necessary to voice my own thoughts in overly long form, and in a (COUGH) “safe space”.  Not so much a safe space for me, but a safe space for others.

I believe in free speech.  But I also believe in the idea of not tarnishing others with MY free speech.  Sometimes, I need to say things without restraint – and also without burdening others with even the slightest responsibility for what I say.

Thus, Tyrannocankles.

See you soon.